Jean-Michel Terme  PhD



Jean-Michel received a Master’s Degree in Immunology and subsequently a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon, France), leading different lines of research in virology and immunology. He is first author in a number of scientific publications.

As a startup specialist, he has been mentoring several healthcare startups about business strategy, access to public and private funding, as well as advising them on their internationalisation. Currently, he is a trusted and established Advisor for various organizations, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare while bringing his expertise in facilitating growth by securing fundraising (from Seed to Series B).

Thanks to a strong network of potential key partners, Jean-Michel is strongly connected to the Spanish ecosystem and also in Europe. He is also a Partner at HealthTech180, an advisory and consulting healthcare platform focusing on Technology Transfer and Venture Building.

Jean-Michel will bring to Hemostatics his several years of experience in the preclinical research together with a strong understanding of how to accelerate a new business in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.