Alain Chrun— DEA
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Alain is Senior Advisor at HealthTech180 in charge of Corporate Finance and Structuring.

Alain gained experience in Credit Lyonnais’ legal department, advising the bank’s regional business centers and its structured finance department. He took part to the restructuring of Credit Lyonnais Nederland’s non-performing assets at its Entertainment Business Division (Films financing and Real Estate). Following that Alain had a critical role in growing Credit Agricole CIB’s business in aviation finance while extending the bank’s reach to most of Asia-Pacific airlines through financing advisory, interest rate, fx and fuel hedging… He set up a leading team of talented aircraft financiers covering Asia-Pacific and received numerous awards for the financing solutions arranged for his clients. After 22 years, Alain left the banking industry to pursue his interest in non-banking financing and FinTechs.

Alain is highly-competent in structuring and restructuring complex financing solutions (film finance, real estate, hotel financing and aircraft financing…), which also involve disposal of assets or businesses (films library, building, hotels and aircraft).

He advised, arranged and completed highly structured financing solutions in excess of $20 billion.